SPONSORS – where would we be without them?!

The FALL FROLIC was a huge success!!

This event would not have been so successful if it weren’t for the SPONSORS!!   

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the many SPONSORS who help us each year in so many ways!  This community is famous for taking care of it’s own and we are very fortunate to have been “adopted” by so many.  Our big fundraiser – THE FALL FROLIC –  is no exception.  The 2013 Sponsors for the Fall Frolic on 9/28/13 were (drum roll please) :





Paleface Veterinary Clinic

Angel’s Ice House

Assassin Pest Control

Biggs Plumbing

Austin Star Roofing

A to Z Dog Ranch

Anderson Dental Clinic

Bee Creek Automotive

Spiller Boat Docks

Lee’s Diner

Joni Langle – Highland Realty

Whole Foods

Please help by supporting these wonderful sponsors.  They make up a big part of our Spicewood area and are there for all of us!  THANK YOU, SPONSORS!!

One response

  1. Hello ~ I live off Thurman Bend Road. Female. Age 58. Work PT as a caregiver. DO you need help cleaning or serving food at your fundraiser on 28th? I am offering to help if you need an extra pair of hands. Bruce Perkins advised that I contact you here to ask.
    Shirley 512 803 4141
    I am not online except at the library. So best contact is texting me/calling me.

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