Let’s Catch and Match!!

The PFD Auxiliary’s latest campaign is to raise money for three Water Collection Systems – one for each of the PFD’s stations.  This is a critical campaign as the drought rages on and our district continues to become more populated!  Our neighbors, Willie and Annie Nelson, kicked off this endeavor with a $1000 donation.  We would like to know if anyone out there would like to MATCH their donation. Need a year-end tax deduction?  We are a 501(c)3 organization. We desperately need to CATCH the water flowing off the roofs of our stations – even the dew in the mornings is substantial!!  Below are photos of what comes off the roof at Station One on an average morning with no rain – unbelievable!

b83061a8-bba0-4550-a84e-5787bea9a5c6  432eb5a6-dd45-47ca-962a-100d4be75291  ef636b3b-2619-4e2c-944d-23b962385255

We need to CATCH this much needed water and we’d appreciate anything you could do to help and even better – MATCH the Nelson’s donation and help us protect the properties and people of the Pedernales Valley!! By clicking on the “Sponsor, Donate or Support” tab above, you will have an option to Donate.  Donations are also accepted at 801 Bee Creek Road, Spicewood, TX  78669 or in person at the Firehall or with any of the Auxiliary members.  And as always, thank you for your support – we couldn’t do what we do without your help!

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