One Water Collection System Up and Running!

Water Collection at Station 3

Thanks to all the support from the wonderful community we live in, the purchase and installation of the Water Collection System at Station 3 on Paleface Ranch Road is complete!  Each tank holds 5000 gallons and all the rainwater and dew from the roof of Station 3 will now be collected and used to fill tankers with water during a fire.

We are now going to concentrate on raising the money to put in a similar system at Station 1 on Bee Creek Road.  Willie and Annie Nelson started this campaign off with a thousand dollar donation in 2013.  We are still running our Catch and Match campaign – help us raise money to install the system to CATCH the much needed rainwater from the roofs and MATCH Willie and Annie’s donation!  The support from the community has been very encouraging! The Pedernales Fire Department has three stations, and it would be ideal to have such a system in place at all three stations.

How can you help?  Attend any of our events, either by being a volunteer or by just participating, or by making a tax deductible donation to the PFD Auxiliary (we are a 501c3 organization).  It ALL helps!!!!


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