Such a beautiful day for a Crawfish Boil!

Saturday, 4/27/19, was another beautiful day for our annual Crawfish Boil!  Hundreds of people came and enjoyed the delicious seafood, great weather and each other! So nice to see folks visiting, petting each other’s dogs, or watching the kids play with live crawfish!

We could not do these types of events with the support of our local SPONSORS!


Biggs Plumbing

Bee Creek Automotive

Nunnallee Inspections

Anderson Family Dental

Larry Boatright

And what about those Moon River Cajun Cookers??!! They have certainly “got it down” when it comes to boiling up delicious crawfish and shrimp! They have fine tuned the process and the recipe so each year they provide us with the delicious seafood we have grown accustomed to! Thank you, Moon River Cajun Cookers!!!

The Great Taste of Texas provides us with veggies and a refrigerated truck without which we could not do this event! THANK YOU for your continued support!




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