It’s Peach Saturday!

Peggy Peach

It’s Peach Saturday!
For those of you who ordered peaches through the PFD Auxiliary Peach Fundraiser, pick up will be at PFD Station One at 801 Bee Creek Road from 9:30-12:00noon tomorrow, Saturday, 6/22/19.. Members of the PFD Auxiliary will also be selling bags of peaches for $10 at various stores in the area and at the PFD Firehall. Stop on by and get some delicious Texas peaches and support the Pedernales Fire Department!
During the pick up time, the PFD Auxiliary will also have some breakfast goodies at Station One and we’d love to talk to you about volunteering with us – WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET! The Pedernales Fire Department is such a vital and worthwhile organization to support! Come have a cup of coffee and find out how you can help!
And as always, thank you for your support – we couldn’t do what we do without you!

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