The PFD Auxiliary is a service organization formed in the mid 70’s to support the Pedernales Fire Department in fundraising efforts, community awareness/education and emergency situation support. Initially the Auxiliary had a much different role, when all the Fire Dept. members were volunteers. There was a community calling tree and when there was a major fire or event, community members were called upon to make sandwiches and bring cold drinks to the station so the Auxiliary could get the supplies to them. There were dozens of community members who kept a loaf of bread and lunch meat in their freezer for just such a call.

As the years went by a natural maturation of a small fire department was inevitable so the structure of the PFD changed, new and more efficient equipment was added that was able to carry and contain emergency supplies/food and drinks and the introduction of paid employees in the 90’s changed the role of the Auxiliary.

Today the main function of the Auxiliary is fundraising and still some emergency situation support. After the Labor Day fire of 2012, an Auxiliary Emergency Response committee was formed in order to help with the admin support at the Station, the coordination of the food for the hundreds of firefighters and the messaging to the community about needs of the affected community members.

We host a couple of fundraising events each year – a Crawfish Boil usually in the Spring and our Firehouse Feast in September/October. These events are so well attended and end up being the kind of community event where neighbors see neighbors and sit and visit and enjoy the ambience. We could not do what we do without the fabulous support of the community.

If you are interested in becoming part of this group, join us for our monthly meeting usually on the second Tuesday of the month at Station One at 801 Bee Creek Road. For more  information, call Station One at (512) 264-1476 and you will be contacted by a Board member.


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